Angel Slayer (PDF ONLY)

Angel Slayer (PDF ONLY)

The first publication by The Saint In Scarlet.
Containing 3 brilliantly simple but elegant effects this book is a fantastic starting point into mentalism. Saint goes into intricate detail not only about the effect itself but also the theory behind it. This book will give you a solid foundational understanding of the workings of mentalism and leaves you in great stead for learning much more intricate effects in the future!

The effects included are:
DRINK 'If I had to ask you something personal
I'm going to ask you what you want to drink
A defence that I'll use to protect me
If you want to know me then you are going to have to think'.

THE 25%
'If I can push one person
To be better than I am
Then I will have acceded myself
What more could I ask for?'

'Lipstick on my collar
Marks on my back
Whoever said, I'd leave by morning'